The AA Ireland Insurance SEO

Our Client

Founded in 1910 AA Ireland Ltd (The AA) is an automotive services company providing rescue services, personal insurance, and travel, technical and information services. Although part of AA Plc (The AA) for a while, the company became an independent business again in 2016, with an ambitious strategy to grow its business across the automotive and insurance sectors.

The Challenge

Although AA Ireland offer a breadth of services to meet the needs of motorists, and some additional services designed to appeal to the same demographic, there was one area of the business where they had identified opportunities for significant business growth as part of a strategy to position AA Ireland as a leading insurance provider.

Having carried out research using SERPSthe business has identified that the search results their travel insurance pages were performing very poorly, ranking only 18th, which meant that most competitors were achieving better search page positions. Relevant keywords needed to achieve much better page rankings.

Our client knew that to achieve these improvements would require some specialist advice, and our link building expertise sets us apart from others in our sector. AA Ireland were impressed with Traffic Kite and Umesh Joshi’s success stories which consistently delivered great results for highly competitive keywords in similar sectors.

They also liked our business model, with no long-term contractual commitments and dedicated client support.

Our Approach

To develop an effective link building strategy, we started with an analysis of competitors and their back links.  Understanding high ranking competitors gives us some insight into what they were doing well. It also provides an opportunity to gather ideas for places where we can build relevant backlinks. We choose a selection of these and add in other targets form our own research.

We then look at opportunities for content outreach, which is something very few of our competitors offer but it gives us a great opportunity to develop new content to create additional opportunities to develop links. It’s really important that our clients have exceptional content to work with.

Finally we look at online forums. Implemented effectively its possibke to build a natural and effective backlink profile for popular websites. With thousands of travel forums to choose from these were an important part of the strategy. We found a mixture of follow and do-follow links which were likely to generate referral traffic.

Using this research and planning we were able to build a strategy to deliver 15 guest post links each month from relevant, high-quality travel blogs.

To ensure this approach was effective we targeted UK and Ireland travel blogs with high DA (a score of domain authority) and with ahrefs traffic of more than 1,000. These scores would help assure good results, while the focus on travel pages would help deliver relevant leads. In particular, we focussed on the following subject areas:                                           

    • Luxury Traveller
    • Backpacker / Budget Traveller
    • Adventure / Active Traveller
    • Family Traveller
    • Destination Travel


Over time we anticipated that this approach would earn us some strong referral traffic.

The Results

Link building takes time to deliver results, but after just a few months we were seeing significant improvements in SERPS results. After 12 months both the car insurance page and travel insurance pages were achieving 2nd position search results.

We achieved impressive levels of organic growth which has also enhanced The AA’s brand authority as an insurance provider.