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Traffickite is a professional SEO link building agency that specializes in white hat backlink building strategies. Based in Chandigarh, India, we have a vast local presence as well as a large global one, and we work with agencies and brands throughout the world.

Our friendly and professional team can assist you with all your link building requirements. With our extensive experience in this field, we fully understand what is required and we will do whatever it takes to complete your job to perfection.

Umesh Joshi - Traffic Kite

About Umesh Joshi

Umesh Joshi is the founder of Traffickite and is an experienced SEO Consultant from India. Umesh founded Traffickite after he saw a great need for top quality link building services. Since this is his speciality and passion, he decided to start an SEO agency that can provide specialized link building services.

With several years of experience in SEO link building, Umesh has been creating and implementing highly effective SEO link building strategies for clients throughout the world.

Umesh possesses a deep understanding of an agency’s, as well as a brand’s link building requirements and will stop at nothing to achieve significant rankings. He takes great pride in providing excellent quality work at cost-effective prices and always tries to go the extra mile so that you rank much higher than you initially expected.

Contact Umesh directly and he will show you how some well-placed backlinks can have a considerable impact on your rankings.

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Umesh Joshi - Traffic Kite

Umesh Joshi


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Kartik Bhalla


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