Umesh Joshi

Founder & SEO Strategist - Traffickite

umesh joshi founder traffickite

Founder of Traffickite .

Umesh Joshi began his career in 2008 as an SEO executive when the SEO landscape was relatively lesser known and not many people knew about it.

But despite using a mix of all the ‘tried and tested’ strategies, Umesh’s success rate never picked up beyond 50%.

However, after failing with his first few projects, he came to know about the significance of having backlinks from relevant and high-quality sites and realized where he was going wrong.


Learning the Ropes

Umesh soon realized that the link building strategies that he had been using had become obsolete quite some time ago and the industry had traversed onto a whole new dimension.

So, he did more research into this subject and closely followed platforms like, &

After finally finding the talisman that he needed to succeed in this field, Umesh created a few affiliate blogs, which got him revenue through Google AdSense.

He later sold these sites for a substantial profit.

Honing the Skills

During his stint as a link building strategist between 2010- 2015, he played an instrumental role in amplifying the online visibility of many affiliate sites and brands in a range of industries like insurance, pets, SAAS, finance, online gaming, and legal.

After 2015, he began focusing on creating backlinks for medium to highly competitive industries with the abled support of a highly experienced team of content writers and other link building executives.

Towards Perfection

After he had acquainted himself with all the nine yards of link building, Umesh decided to take the ultimate plunge of launching his own link building agency. The motivation behind this decision was to assist SEO agencies and other online brands who lack the resources or the required skill set to acquire backlinks from quality sites within their budgets.

As someone who is heavily invested into the industry, Umesh loves to keep himself posted on the latest Google updates to quickly adapt to new strategies.

With more than a decade of experience to demonstrate his hands down dominance in this field, Umesh loves taking on new and challenging assignments. And guess what, he always makes sure that your site gets all the attention it needs to be there at the very top of every Google search.


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