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Monthly Traffic:
ZERO to 2000+

Keywords Ranking:
ZERO to 1500+

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Dermatology SEO Case Study: From ZERO to 2000+ Traffic

Dermatology SEO Case Study

Every dermatologist wants clients. This type of business satisfies thousands of individuals’ facial and hair needs worldwide. However, the challenge is scaling your business online to attract clients. 

That’s the challenge one of Skin & Hair Clinic faced. In this case study, you will discover some specific challenges a dermatologist & skin specialist had and how we applied dermatology SEO to solve the problem. 

About Dr. Renu’s Skin and Hair Clinic

They are a skin and hair care private clinic in Bangalore striving to provide excellence in personalized, compassionate care that is consistent, quality-driven, and choice conscious for all patients.

With a staff of well-trained professionals, they aim to improve the health of their community by providing excellent and comprehensive medical care in a welcoming and compassionate environment. 

Major challenges for dermatologist SEO 

They reached out to us with the following issues: 

  • Zero traffic on their new site: As such, they could not generate any leads nor build a strong reputation for their business online. 
  • They had no major keywords ranking in SERPs. 
  • They didn’t have content on their website targeting the local Indian audience. 

Dermatologist SEO Results:

The time duration for these achievements was six months. In addition, the total number of backlinks done during the period was ten guest posts. Including many backlinks from local citations and forum commenting.

1. Increased organic traffic from zero to 2000 in 6 months.

Dermatologist SEO organic traffic

The traffic is still improving and reached to 2K till now.

2. Increased keyword rankings from zero to 1500 in 6 months.

skincare SEO organic keywords


3. Top 5 organic keywords ranked in local SEO

marketing for dermatologists

Our Approach for dermatology SEO 

Their target audience was people who lived in the area where their clinic was located. They also wanted to target both national and international customers through internet marketing for a few services.

To achieve the goal, we suggested a local SEO strategy for dermatologists & skin care specialist.

1. Content Audit: They had a nice blog section with approximately 30 posts already live. However, none of them were getting any traffic or ranking in the SERPs. We noticed a big gap between the published content and their target audience. We did the content audit and noticed their content didn’t cover many local and national keywords. Instead, their writers were targeting the US audience, which wasn’t the priority.

2. Keyword Research: We suggested doing new keyword research to find keywords targeting local audiences, i.e., city-based keywords like “tattoo removal cost in Bangalore”. Using professional tools like Ahrefs, we found long-tail keywords with low keyword difficulty and high search volume but that were highly relevant.

3. Content Planning & Creation: We searched relevant keywords and created a content outline to write every piece better than the competitors. We published approximately 10 articles following on-page SEO practices. Out of these ten blog posts, five are performing well in search engines without backlinks or with just one or two backlinks, saving the cost of link building due to highly relevant content.

Example 1: This blog post is ranking on the first page of google for the keyword “how to regrow hair on bald spot fast” without any backlink. This page is placed in top 10 position in Google.

Example 2: Another blog post is ranking on the first page of google for the keyword “tattoo removal cost Bangalore” without any backlink. This page able to reach in top 10 position in Google (India)getting 285 monthly traffic and 116 keyword ranking.

4. Link Building: Once we started publishing quality content, it was time to start generating high-quality backlinks from relevant sites. We started with quality pillow backlinks like local citations, profile creation, and forum commenting. Then we began acquiring contextual backlinks from high-quality websites in the beauty, makeup, and health industries.

What is seo marketing for dermatologists? 

SEO marketing for dermatologists refers to the SEO services provided for dermatology businesses. It entails understanding the specifics of dermatology businesses and tailoring SEO services to suit the business. 

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the strategies used to improve the ranking of your website on search engine result pages. It comprises on-site and off-site SEO. 

Best back-link strategy for dermatology SEO

  1. Local Citation: Focusing on getting your business mentioned in any local citation will boost your search engine rankings. Your business could be cited in business directories or on social media. These citations will also increase your brand awareness. 
  2. Profile Creation: Profile creation is an off-site SEO strategy that helps to boost your rankings on SERPs. For example, you could create profiles on networking and forum sites. It involves registering an account using your business name or individual name. You can create these accounts on other social media websites and video-sharing websites.
  3. Guest Posts: Guest posts will always be relevant for any backlink strategy. It involves creating content for other websites and getting a link to your website. It is one of the most effective dermatology SEO strategies. 
  4. Forum Commenting: This backlink strategy entails getting inbound links to your website by participating in online discussion forums like Quora and Reddit. You can use these forums to drive traffic to your website by posting new posts and replying to old ones. 
  5. Link Insertion: Link insertion involves reaching out to a source for them to insert your link in a piece of content that probably mentions something about you or your services. It is a direct outreach link-building strategy that works well.  

Why SEO for dermatologists is important?

  • Improve Website Traffic: Your dermatology business could be lost in the crowd if you don’t use top dermatology SEO strategies. By employing the right dermatology SEO strategies, you can improve your rankings and get found by your prospects. 
  • Get More Clients: Most prospects search online and read reviews before deciding which dermatologist to consult. Imagine the consequences of being lost in SERPs. That’s why your need this marketing for dermatologist strategy. 
  • Increased Credibility: Closely related to the previous point, when your website is indexed high on SERPs, and your content is helpful for your prospects, it will increase your credibility. Consequently, you’ll effortlessly see your business reputation and clientele increase. 

3 useful dermatology SEO tips 

  1. Do Keyword Research: Keyword research will help you know the type of content your prospects want. You’ll also know the keywords some of your competitors are ranking for. 
  2. Create quality content: Once you know what searchers are looking for, you need to create top-quality content to rank for your target keywords. The main criteria for creating top-notch content is to ensure your content is helpful for your audience. 
  3. Target Local SEO: Most of your customers are local. Focus on targeting your local audience first before going global. Local SEO is the best strategy to conquer the local market. You could add the name of your town to your title pages and create a Google my business account, for example. 

Are you a dermatologist (skin & hair specialist) looking for more patients? 

Traffic Kite is a result oriented SEO agency focused solely on white-hat link-building strategies. Entrusting your link-building tasks to us will guarantee you get relevant backlinks for your website that’ll help boost your rankings on SERPs fast. 

Our goal is to help you maximize your online presence. 

Dr. Renu

“Umesh is very professional and does a great job of the project assigned on SEO, external link building. He also has a good judgement and network to deliver on the project.”

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