7 Simple Yet Powerful Link-Building Strategies for Startups

link-building for startups

7 Link Building Strategies for Startups

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO for startups. 

Without an effective backlink building strategy, it can be difficult for a new startup to generate traffic and visibility. When it comes to link building for startups, a strategic approach is crucial.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to optimize your link building efforts and some creative backlink strategies that will help your startup get noticed by more potential customers.

What is startup Link Building? 

Startup link building refers to the process of building backlinks for a new business. Backlinks are hyperlinks pointing from one website to another. High-quality backlink is essential for driving organic traffic through search engines, especially in competitive industries. 

There are several effective link building strategies, but most will prove difficult for startup businesses because they are considered “novices” in their industry. But keep reading to discover how you can effortlessly build backlinks for your startup website. 

Why is Link Building Important For Startups? 

1. Increase organic traffic: Link building for startups will do a great job of increasing your organic traffic. Other factors like good user experience, on-page SEO, and good content play an important role, but they work hand in glove with good-quality backlinks.

2. Gain more visibility: Arguably the most defining factor for your business is visibility. Most startups get lost in the shadow of bigger players in their industry. However, link building can help you gain more visibility and not just exists as a shadow of another company. 

3. Higher rankings on SERPs: Google, Bing, and other search engines consider backlinks a vote of confidence. Imagine you are new in a neighborhood, and each time you ask some of your neighbors where you can get good groceries, they point to the same shop. That instantly gives you confidence in the shop, and you won’t hesitate to buy from them.

Google pays attention to your backlinks and ranks your website based on your backlink profile. It is not the only website ranking factor but is nevertheless an important one.  

 7 Effective Link Building Strategies For Startups

In today’s digital world, making sure your startup’s website ranks high on Google is crucial for success. One of the best ways to boost your website’s visibility is through effective SEO for startup ventures.

Here are 7 simple strategies to enhance your startup’s SEO and get more people to click on your website:

1. Use HARO 

HARO is a free service where journalists and bloggers connect with sources to get stories, quotes, and other information. Startups can use HARO to get their articles published on other websites and in turn, build links. 

The process is straightforward: 

  • Sign up as a source at helpareporter.com 
  • Journalists will send you requests via email daily. 
  • If you have the required expertise, reply to the journalist. 

Finally, if the journalist uses your response, you’ll get a link back to your website from your quote, which they published. 

2. Press Links 

Press links are links coming from journalists, magazines, or newspapers. Start-up businesses can leverage press links because they can help build authority fast and result in more traffic and search engine rankings. 

There are two principal ways you can get press links; 

  1. Publish a press release onto press release submission websites, and 
  2. Send your press release directly to journalists hoping they will write it up into an article. 

3. Brand Mentions 

Have you ever cited a brand in an article, video, or social media post without linking to them? If you’ve done it, chances are others have done too.

Therefore, you should search websites or blogs where your brand has been mentioned without a link and reach out to them to suggest that your link be inserted. 

You could also set up a Google Alert for your brand so that you get a notification whenever your brand is mentioned on the internet. 

4. Guest Posting 

This is one of the oldest link building strategies for start-ups, but it is still very effective. You simply have to find websites relevant to your business looking for guest bloggers.

Once you find one, write high-quality articles for their blogs and insert your link. It is the fastest way to get more traffic to your website and more eyes on your content. 

5. Linkable Assets 

You must have linkable assets to guarantee consistent backlinks for your startup business. They are content pieces that people link to and share online because they feel it is worth sharing.

If you curate such content, it will effortlessly generate backlinks for your start-up business. To build linkable assets, you must ensure that your content is relevant, engaging, and easy to read. 

6. Expert Roundup 

Expert roundups are a collection of quotes or interviews by influential people in your niche. It is important that your participants are experts in your niche and each have something to contribute to your readers.

Focusing on an expert roundup link building for your startup will ensure that you engage your readers and boost your brand authority.  

7. Improve Your Content Quality and Consistency 

Content is king, and it is always important to show up. The quality of your content will either attract backlinks or not. Most website owners will not link to low-quality content because they also want to provide a great user experience for site visitors.

Therefore, your content must be top-notch to encourage backlinks. Also, you should be consistent in content creation.

Don’t publish consistently for one month and later stop. It is important to have a plan every year so that you execute it meticulously. 

How is Link Building Performed For Startups?

1. Start with linkable content 

Linkable content is the best way to build backlinks for your startup business because the links will naturally come. Linkable content refers to content that humans and search engines enjoy.

It is relevant content that your audience wants to consume. With such content on your website, other websites will link to you because they know how relevant and appealing your content is to their audience. 

2. Create a list of potential sources 

With a list of potential sources, your startup will have a clear strategy for your link building campaign. Having a steady plan will help streamline your link building process and permit you to avoid low-quality and irrelevant links

3. Reach out to the right people 

After you’ve penned down your list of potential sources, the next step is to reach out to the right people on that list. The right people will usually be those in a niche related to yours, websites with high DA and good organic traffic. You can send them personalized emails because it’d guarantee you a quick response. 

4. Follow-up and good communication 

Remember that link building is not a one-off transaction. It is more or less a relationship with another website/business owner in your niche.

Therefore, you must follow up on your initial outreach and treat it like a relationship you are building. Ensure the communication is clear and precise. 

Does it make sense to hire a link building agency for a startup?

Link building is very demanding task. You may want to do it alone to cut costs —- that’s fine. However, what happens when you cut costs but don’t achieve your business goals? Frustrating right? 

A link building agency will help you build links effectively and ensure you reap the benefits. Traffic Kite is a professional SEO link building agency that offers seamless and flawless backlinks for new businesses. 


Startup businesses find it difficult to compete with top providers in their niche. The best way to rob shoulders with your competitors is through link-building. Get that vote of confidence that search engines appreciate and enjoy its benefits. 



#1 Is it Worth Investing in SEO for Startups? 

Yes, it is. For start-up businesses, SEO is a smart marketing strategy. Implementing good SEO strategies will ensure you have more organic traffic and high search engine rankings, generate more leads and boost your business revenue. 

#2 How can Link Building Help Startups? 

Link-building can help start-ups compete with leaders in their niche. With the vote of confidence that comes with links, start-up businesses can rank higher than bigger businesses on SERPs. These rankings will help generate more leads and boost revenue. 

#3 Why is Outsourcing Link Building for Startups the Best Option?

It is the best option because start-up businesses have limited room for error compared to established businesses. Working with link-building experts will ensure that your start-up link-building is done right and you can reap the benefits. There will be no room for errors.  

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