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B2B SAAS (Human resource)



About IntroMagic

IntroMagic is a B2B SaaS company founded to empower applicants to search for their desired job by presenting their full potential. IntroMagic also intends to assist hiring managers in finding the best job applicant by allowing the acknowledgement of professional video intros in addition to traditional resumes.

SEO Results for the B2B SaaS company

The results have been impressive so far because this project is still ongoing. We’ve generated over 4k traffic to this website in over 3 months. 

Results till now: 

5000% increase in organic traffic (from 100 to +5,000 per month).


B2B Saas traffic case study


+3000% increase in top 10 keywords (from 10 to 300).

Boost SaaS B2B keywords ranking


0 to 20 Domain Rating.


Increase domain rating for SaaS


Main Challenge for IntroMagic’s Site


The difficulty IntroMagic had was attracting online traffic to its website, which made it hard to generate new leads or have a competitive advantage. 

They already have many pillar posts & quality content but didn’t have any traffic as the content lacked any ranking in SERPS, and the reason was simple, no quality backlinks.

Our goal then was to build quality links for the linkable assets (which they already have without our help) such that they could have higher domain authority, attract more traffic to their website and improve rankings on SERPs. With this, they will have more leads and boost ROI.

Our Link Building Approach for SaaS Site

  1. We started with quality prospecting and selected sites from relevant niches, e.g., jobs, HR, Career & Recruitment.
  2. Selecting different anchor text (exact match, branded, branded + keyword & generic).
  3. Guest Post-publication + outreach link building was the main strategy, and it worked very well.
  4. Just 10 links from domains (DR 20 to DR 70) in 4 months, and we got the desired results.

SaaS Link Building Strategy 

With a clear target in mind, we started working on this website in November 2021. 

We focused on white-hat outreach to target high authority websites in the employee and HR space. Fortunately, most of the websites we reached out to were open to linking to my client’s website. 

So far, we’ve succeeded in creating some guest post links from high-quality and relevant sites.

  • 1 links from DR70+ website
  • 2 link from DR 60+ websites
  • 7 links from DR 20 to DR 40 websites
Neha Ramdasan (co-founder, Intromagic)

“Umesh is a skilled and thorough SEO professional who does a diligent and well planned execution of backlink building strategy with a clear plan and approach. Would love to work with him again”

Neha Ramdasan

Co-Founder -

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